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energy performance optimization VisualMesa Superior Energy Performance

energy and environment sustainability Mitigating Risk

energy environment sustainability CFOs respond to Sustainability Risk impact on Share Price and Brand Value

downtown Houston - Energy Capital of the World" alt="CEOs, CFOs & Investors are focused on Sustainability Risk Impact

on Share Price and Brand Value co2 greenhouse gas global warming grupa lotos-annual-report-energy

greenhouse gas emissions & carbon tax risk Share Price & Brand Value Risks

Mitigate energy & environment sustainability risk exposure of evolving carbon regulations (state-province-national)

vulnerability to extreme weather patterns. Solutions for the Immediate Challenges Real-time optimization for

energy and emissions Helped Repsol mitigate Spain's carbon tax impact Agile supply chain scheduling

Production accounting & environmental loss reduction Sustainability solutions with significant ROI refinery planning

Sustainability: CEOs, CFOs, CIOs & COOs are focused as are Investors, Internal Stakeholders & the Community

VisualMesa Solutions Augment, Competitive Advantage, Operational Plan versus Actual, Superior Energy Performance

Greenhouse Gas Reduction, co2 greenhouse gas global warming


Scheduling and Operations Management, Soteica Visual Mesa LLC, Innovating for the Tomorrow's Challenges, Real-time Business Optimization

Fortune 500 Customers, Energy Aware Supply Chain, Enhancing Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Real-time System for Energy and Emissions, Reducing Energy Spend,

petroleum oil refining S-TMS Production and Yield Accounting

Oil Refinery Solutions, Used by Super Major Oil Companies, Production and Yield Accounting, Refinery Scheduling across Planning Horizon

Gasoline and Crude Oil Blending, Real-Time Energy Management and Optimization, gasoline blending optimization, refining-terminals

campus energy efficiency, Campus and District Energy, Real-Time Energy Management and Optimization, Reduce Energy Spend

CO2 - Greenhouse Gas Emissions Managed, Day-Ahead Optimized Scheduling, Enhanced Reliability of Service, multi-period optimization multiperiod

campus-district-energy, btx aromatics process modeling, Power & Steam Cogeneration

Energy Management Integrated with Refinery Utility Demands, Reduce Energy Spend, Reduced CO2 - Greenhouse Gas Emissions Managed

Optimize Commercial Decisions in Real-Time, Enhanced Reliability of Service, energy manager, real-time-energy-management-at-repsol-cartagena-refinery

biofuel biodiesel, Biofuel and Ethanol Solution, Sugar Cane Renewable Energy Resource, Ethanol from Sugar Cane

Biomass Energy Production, Commercial Decisions in Real-Time, Real-Time Optimization

pulp and paper energy management, industrial-experience-on-the-implementation-of-real-time-on-line-energy-management-systems-in-sugar-and-alcohol-industry

bi-directional pipeline oil movements, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Integrated Solutions for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

Comprehensive Production Accounting, Pipeline & Terminal Scheduling, i.e., Ethylene, Aromatics, LNG Facilities, Naphtha & Feedstock Blending & Scheduling



Featured Case Studies

Steam and Power Optimizer, ExxonMobil Baytown, Texas

AIChE Regional Process Technology Conference 2009 presentation by ExxonMobil. Abstract: This project is unique for the ExxonMobil Baytown complex in that it optimizes a utilities system across numerous boundaries, both physical and organizational. From a global perspective, the energy savings demonstrated are significant, and this project provides a model for future projects in other multi-business unit sites for ExxonMobil around the world.  Read More »

Energy Real-Time Optimizer, ExxonMobil Baytown Complex

Industrial Energy Technology Conference (IETC) 2009 presentation by ExxonMobil describes their Visual MESA closed-loop, real-time optimization project. This detailed presentation is not available online. However, we can email you the report.

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repsol energy efficiency

Top Stories

Repsol News

"Improving Margins through Energy Optimization. Case study: Energy efficiency improvements at Repsol's Química Tarragona plant as a result of implementing a real time energy optimisation system", 7th Annual Global Refining Summit 2013. Full Story »

Grupa LOTOS energy efficiency  Grupa LOTOS S.A. - Annual Report 2011

Grupa LOTOS uses Visual Mesa to "visualise and optimise energy consumption. The system supervises energy infrastructure of the refineries on a continuous basis, including gas and heating oil systems, and the process steam system, and uses optimisation algorithms to suggest changes to the energy system which reduce energy system costs." LOTOS Annual Report 2011 - Mitigation of Environmental Impact - Energy »

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Energy Optimization
steam optimization
Optimizes Energy & Emissions
Steam Generation at Fired Boilers
Steam Turbogenerator Management
Fuels to Fired Boilers
Chilled Water Management
Commercial Contracts Modeled
FCC Turboexpander Loads
burner management More Information >
Supply Chain Scheduling
refinery plan versus actual
Supply Chain Scheduler
Accurate Plant Model
Material Movements
Back Casting
Contracts & Nominations
Scenario Evaluation
Planned vs. Actual
refinery planning model integration More Information >
Production Accounting
tracking and trending lossesCO2
Yield Accounting
Data Reconciliation
Gross Error & Mass Loss Detection
Composition Tracking
Planned vs. Actual
Standard Reports
Batch Tracking
backcast to refinery planning More Information >
Blending Optimization
reduce octane giveaway
Complete Blending Solution
Optimized Crude Oil Blending
Gasoline Blending CARBOB
Diesel and Fuel Oil Blending
Multi-period Blend Optimization
Single Blend for Terminals
Rundown Blending
multiperiod blend optimization More Information >
Emissions Management
energy aware supply chain
Real Time CO2 Reductions
Combustion Calculations
Energy-Carbon Optimization
Permit Limits Modeled
Carbon Tax Modeled
Carbon Credit Capabilities
What If? Scenarios
emissions kpi kpis More Information >
Energy / Environment - Reports
Energy & Environment Sustainability - legislative compliance carbon tax
Utilities - Energy & Environment
ISO 50001 - Energy Sustainability
Energy Intensity
License Compliance
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Carbon Optimization
Emerging Requirements
carbon tax minimization More Information >
Real-time KPIs
 energy performance analytics kpi monitor executive dashboard
Forward-looking Visualization
Energy Spend KPI
Emissions KPIs
Consumption KPIs
Production KPIs
Optimization KPIs
Energy Intensity Index
tyler reitmeier certified energy manager More Information >
Multi-period Optimization
scheduling across time dependence
Forward Looking Optimization
Day-Ahead Scheduling
Time Dependent Constraints
Large-Scale Energy Capacitance
Maintenance Scheduling
Robust Scheduling Solution
Feasible Scheduled Optimization
scheduling optimization More Information >
Petroleum Refining
oil refinery planning and scheduling
Pipeline & Marine Scheduling
Production Accounting - Baseline
Crude Feeds & Product Blending
Unit Models uses Plant LP Models
Greenhouse Gas Management
ERP & Plant Level Integration
Terminal Scheduling
plant information management system - pims More Information >
Petrochemical and Oil & Gas
aromatics btx process
Enhanced Financial Visibility
Naphtha Feedstock Blending
Pyrolysis Furnace Scheduling
Energy Spend Optimization
Production Loss Identification
LNG Supply Chain Scheduling
Just-in-Time Risk Mitigation
ethylene furnace More Information >
Campus & District Energy
university campus hospital medical center
Microgrid Modeling
Grid-Connected & Islanded Modes
Combined Heat & Power Optimizer
Steam Generation & Use Optimizer
Open-Loop & Closed-Loop Modes
Central Cooling - Chilled Water
Fuels & Power (Buy-Sell) Contracts
municipal utility city power military base More Information >
Yokogawa Alliance
global leader in EMS Yokogawa energy efficiency
Comprehensive Energy Solution
Global Project Execution
Global 7x24x365 Support
Complementary Technologies
* Energy Performance Analytics
Accelerated ROI
EMS benefits More Information >


Energy and Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Global warming, supply chains disrupted by horrific storms, energy and environmental sustainability, ISO 50001, CO2 - greenhouse gas emission management, Superior Energy Performance and water management are among the topics that are taking on strategic significance at hydrocarbon processing companies. While there is a need for innovative policies and processes, it is prudent to assure that any investment results in the desired outcome and that a reasonable ROI is achieved.

Repsol, the first refiner to become ISO 50001 certified, uses Visual MESA at their refineries in Spain. Super major oil companies in America have deployed Visual MESA at many refineries, some of which are operated as a close-loop economic optimizer (operator action is not required in order to accrue benefits).

Decades of success with top companies worldwide. The MESA energy management technology had its origin in 1981 and became an energy optimizer in 1989 at Mobil. Rigorous combustion models were added to help Repsol deal with an aggressive carbon tax in Spain. Our technology continues evolving to meet the ever changing global business challenges. (Technical Evolutionary Timeline).

If you are open to exploring how our solutions can help you achieve your sustainability and ROI objectives, then please contact us today.

CO2 and other Greenhouse Gas Emission Optimization

CO2 emissions are predominantly produced by the utility systems. Consequently, it is best to model emissions and energy in a singular system. Any attempt to reduce the costs from the utility side should be based on the appropriate utility system models and a compositional fuel representation to allow combustion-based Carbon calculations. Solving and optimizing the energy and carbon balances together including constraints is best operational practice. Full Story »


Operators and Engineers Rely on VisualMesa Solutions

Plant operational tools plus real-time advice & optimization

VisualMesa energy management and supply chain management solutions provide state-of-the-art software technology systems to solve everyday operational issues. Since 1985 Soteica has implemented more than 20 production accounting projects. Soteica's proprietary production and yield accounting system is widely regarded as the best technical and user friendly solution in the market. Many top companies around the world use our VisualMesa Production Accounting solution. This well established technology was the basis for the development of a supply chain scheduling system: VisualMesa Supply Chain Scheduling.

The VisualMesa Energy Management and Optimization solution is the industry leading engineering model based, real-time optimizer specifically designed for industrial energy systems. With more than 70 implementations, it is the only system available that is robust enough to be used in closed-loop operation at major refineries. There are numerous differences between process optimizers and energy-utility optimizers such as dealing with instrument sparsity and low level of instrument maintenance.

If you are open to exploring the value of VisualMesa solutions, then please contact us today.

Yokogawa News

Yokogawa and Soteica Visual Mesa Enter Comprehensive Partnership to Address the Energy Management Solutions Business - Joint initiative will provide new solution services for sitewide energy efficiency optimization - Yokogawa is pleased to announce the addition of Soteica Visual Mesa's best-in-class energy management and optimization solution services to its portfolio. Full Story »