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VisualMesa Oil blending

Hydrocarbon Blending Optimization

Multi-Product Blending Optimization

Refinery and Petrochemical Feedstock & Products

Blending arguably is the most important process in a refinery. All other processes in a refinery and all planning is focused on making the components that are used in blending finished product.

If one wants to optimize a refinery operation then one must optimize all product blending operations.

The objectives in the optimization include such objectives as: minimize octane giveaway, minimize deviation from planned recipe, minimize the use of more costly blend components, meet governmental and environmental requirements, avoid running out of blend components over the planning horizon, and many more.

The blending optimizer needs to be capable of run down blending, blending to tank or pipeline, blending from component tanks on running gage. The optimizer needs to report the final blend properties with and without a tank heel.

For more information about VisualMesa Supply Chain Scheduling's blending optimizer, please contact us.


Multi-product Batch Blending Optimizer
Crude Oil, Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oil, Bunker Oil
Asphalt, Heating Oil, Naphtha Feedstock
Component Tank & Unit Rundown Blending
Blending to Pipeline or Tank with Heel
Considers all Constraints & Component Inventories
~ Optional Advanced Blending Product ~

Nonlinear, Multi-Period Blending Optimizer (plugin)

Minimize Optimization Objective Across the Plan Period

energy efficiency