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VisualMesa Energy Performance Real-Time Optimization

Reduce Energy Spend and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

EP-RTO gives operators actionable advice on how best to operate complex, interactive utility systems to minimize utility cost. Operators receive directives from EP-RTO on how to set cogeneration and boiler steam production, swapping steam/electric drives, chilled water supply, the export of steam, and how to manage realtime power purchase and sale.



VisualMesa Production Accounting Brochure

Reconciled material balance is a must for accurate plan vs. actual.

Next generation of Production / Yield Accounting and Data Reconciliation system which assists users with the calculation of their site-wide daily mass balances, on a tank-by-tank and unit-by-unit level. It serves as the foundation of the facility's loss control initiatives.



VisualMesa Supply Chain Scheduling Brochure

Keeping Your Optimal Operations Plan On Track

Our hybrid continuous and discrete events simulation application to support the management of operations in refinery and petrochemical processes. It provides future visibility thorough detailed simulation models of both logistic and unit operations, keeping constantly updated projections of inventories and material properties.