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energy monitoring software system Key Performance Indicators KPIs
VisualMesa real time energy monitoring software system Key Performance Indicators KPIs dashboard

Energy Management System

VisualMesa™ Energy Monitor (VM-EM)

Enhancing Energy Awareness & Action 

Monitoring Facility Steam, Chilled Water, Electricity & Fuel

Calculate and visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Key Results Areas (KRA)

Monitoring Combustion Greenhouse Gas Emissions* and Enhancing Environmental Compliance & Reportig

Facilitate the Plan - Do - Check - Act process

Enables Business Processes to Reduce Energy Spend

Energy Savings Potential of 1% to 3%

Technology Advantage

Online Engineering Model & Real-Time Operation

High Frequency Calculations for Accurate KPIs

Rigorous Combustion and Emissions Model

Robust Integration with Utility Systems & Facility IT Systems

Powerful Web Services & API Dashboard Interface

Easy to Use, Export to Excel, open Dashboard capable

VisualMesa™ Energy Monitor Provides

Visual MESA Model:

  • Provides model validated real-time data of a site energy system including steam, water, fuel, and electricity networks
    • Including emissions modeling both by equipment and site-wide
  • Real-Time KPIs calculated based on the validated model

Excel style reports on any Time-Frame

  • Steam / Fuels / Hydrogen / Electricity balances of a plant or sub plant over any time period, such as Monthly or Periodic Balances for Accounting
  • Key Performance Indicators - KPIs Reports
  • Exception Reporting

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • All built on the site model to provide consistent data
  • Built in Key Performance Indicators KPI calculators to swiftly configure
    • Plant Energy use and cost per unit of plant production
    • Equipment efficiencies (i.e., boilers, heaters, GTs, turbines)
    • Bias from performance curve
  • Equation block for custom calculations
  • Integration with existing Company Standard KPIs visualization dashboard

Industry Issues Addressed by Energy Monitor

Some sites have significant energy use but few or no optimization handles but.

Significant opportunities to improve unit efficiencies with proper monitoring.

Validated models are needed for calculating energy KPIs and other important operating parameters.

  • Efficiency, Energy Per Plant Rate, Energy Intensity Indices

Reporting requirements for energy utilization and emissions (greenhouse gases)

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Slide 1 Monitoring the Operating Cost of Energy
real time energy monitoring software system with Key Performance Indicators KPIs
Problem: Many Inputs, Complex Relationships
Proven solutions enabling cost reduction, reliability improvement and environmental compliance
VisualMesa model installed at more than 70 sites
Industry Experience: Refining, Petrochemical, Campus & District Energy,
Sugar & Ethanol, Pulp & Paper, Industrial Gases

Slide 2 Model Handles Many Inputs & Complexities
Most Powerful & Comprehensive Energy Modeling Engine
MS Visio Schematic Flow Modeling of Utility System
Equipment Details & Trend Charts
Calculates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Steam, Fuels, Hydrogen, Electricity balance reports of a plant or sub plant over any time period
Monthly or Periodical Balance Reports for Accounting

Slide 3 Key Performance Indicators Calculations
KPIs calculated based on the validated model
KPI Process Plant Cost Block
The KPI Process Plant Cost Block provides the necessary flexibility for the calculation and
historization of the Energy Indexes (for example, the Energy Intensity).
Historical Data equation blocks
The Historical Data equation block calculates a value as a function of simulation and optimization results,
and of online values obtained from Visual MESA sensors. The interface is based on the Equation block and the
Status Equation block. Results can be calculated at a given frequency and also historized.

Slide 4 Taking the complexity out of energy management
Visualizing Energy Performance Indicies (EPIs)
Energy Intensity Index, Fuel & Power Indicies
Advanced KPI reporting, alarming & trending
The KPI output sensors definition includes limits, targets as well as alarms historization
KPIs alarm can be trended with color codes
KPI alarm limits can also be trended

Slide 5 Integration with Transpara Dashboard System
VM-EM will provide dedicated API and Web Services to supply all data to a Company Standard Dashboard
An optional third party dashboard is available
Transpara Dashboard Advantage
Tighter integration with Transpara built-in dashboard component
Automatic creation of dashboard with minimal effort
Use any web-enabled device, such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry
KPIs, trends, alerts, values, and tabular data

Slide 6 Mobile Energy Reduction Collaboration
Visibility into Steam, Electric, Chilled Water & Fuel Systems
Collaborate anytime, anywhere
Make intellegence-driven decisions across your facility
Fuel purchasing and contracts
Sales of electricity
Combustion turbine loading and maintenance
Chilled water optimal dispatch
Proven solution driving cost reduction, reliability improvement and environmental compliance

energy efficiency
EP-TRO energy utility optimization energy efficiency