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combined cycle plant efficiency
VisualMesa cogeneration optimization solution

Gas Turbines and Cogeneration Plants

Optimization Benefits

Reducing Energy Cost against Greenhouse Gas Emissions* to help meet Environmental Sustainability Goals

Manage Cogeneration Steam, Fuel, Electricity & Chilled Water

Optimizing Energy Cost within Emissions Constraints

Actionable Results that Reduces Energy Spend by 1 to 3%

Attractive ROI (typical payback under 1 year)

Energy Real-Time Optimizer (ERTO)

Online system for utilities management

Allows operators and engineers to have detailed coverage in four distinct areas:

  1. Monitoring: Monitoring the steam, electric, water and fuel systems. Assists in steam system management by monitoring all variables and provides warnings of important changes.
  2. Optimization: Optimizes the production and use of steam, fuel and power to reduce costs. Recommends how to operate the utility system at minimum cost solving the mixed-integer and discrete non-linear optimization problem with an SQP-based method.
  3. "What If?" Planning: Predicts how the fuel, power and steam will respond to proposed changes, such as turbine maintenance, a new cogen steam process or change of process, shutdowns, etc. using current, historical, or user-defined data.
  4. Auditing, Accounting and Data Validation: Auditing the system with continuously validated data. Mass Balance closure is determined at every location where enough instrumentation is available.

Optimizing Gas Turbine & Cogen Plants

  • ERTO Provides Accurate Real-Time Heat Rate & Power Generation that Supports Power Dispatch & Fuel Purchase Decision
  • Gas Turbines Maintenance, Startup or Shutdown
  • Gas Turbine Peak Firing
  • Turndown Performance
  • Duct Firing
  • Cooling Water System; Pumps Running & Fan Speeds
  • Inlet Air Chilling for Gas Turbines
  • Water Chillers Modelling
  • Thermal Energy Storage Tanks

Multi-Period Optimization (optional)

  • Multi-Period Thermal Energy Storage Optimization
  • Day Ahead Optimal Planning
  • Optimal Dispatch of Chilled Water & Power


Power plant and cogeneration station energy cost is a major, variable, operating expense.

VisualMesa Energy Management and Optimization system, using best in class technology, determines how to manage your fuel, steam, turbine loading & maintenance and much more reliably and provides significant cost savings through the economic optimization.

The VisualMesa system is an Operator Tool. A real-time model, which considers plant control strategies and system reaction to changes in the utilities, gives operators direct advice on how best to operate complex, interactive systems to minimize cost. Operators receive advice on how to set cogeneration and gas turbine steam production, chilled water supply, the export of steam, and how to manage real-time power sale.

In addition, an optional multi-period optimization system provides assistance with the Day-Ahead Scheduling of certain assets, such as the Thermal Energy Storage and Chillers and maybe used for scheduling power grid sales and fuel purchases.

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Gas Turbines Plant Optimization
Power Plant Energy Optimization & within Emissions* Constraints
Forward-Looking Visualization of Energy Cost and KPIs
Energy Contract Modeling Capabilities
Multi-period Planning using Demand Forecasting
Enhances Administrative Collaboration
Real-time System for Energy and Emissions

Industrial Site Integrated Cogeneration Plant
Optimizing Steam and Power for Site Demand
Optimizing Power Production for Sales to the Grid.
Recommends Minimum Cost Operation
Suggest Optimal Dispatch of Power
"What If" Studies: Predict the Impact of Proposed Changes
Provides Auditing, Accounting & Data Validation

Powerful Energy Management User Interface
Schematic Flow Modeling of Plant System
Equipment Details & Trend Charts
Summary View of Optimized Solution
Detailed Report of Recommended Operational Changes
Reports of Optimal Use of Thermal Energy Storage

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