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  VisualMesa Evolutionary Timeline
VisualMesa Evolutionary Timeline


Customer Centric Development

8 year development lead over competitors

The Modular Energy System Analizer (MESA) energy management technology had its origin in 1981 and became an energy optimizer in 1989 at Mobil. Around year 2000, ExxonMobil put the energy optimization in closed-loop operation with great success. In 2009 they made a presentation at the Industrial Energy Technology Conference (IETC) describing their Visual MESA closed-loop, real-time optimization project. This detailed presentation is not available online but we can email you a copy.  Request Copy

Over the years the product and technology has evolved to meet the ever changing global business challenges. Today, our business is worldwide and Yokogawa Electric recently bought a significant stake in our company.


Industry Proven State-of-the-Art Software Technology

Enabling Business Process Optimization

VisualMesa energy management solutions provide state-of-the-art software technology systems to solve everyday operational issues. The VisualMesa Energy Management and Optimization solution is the industry leading engineering model based, real-time optimizer specifically designed for industrial energy systems. It is the only system available that is robust enough to be used in closed-loop operation at major refineries. There are numerous differences between process optimizers and energy-utility optimizers such as dealing with instrument sparcity and low level of instrument maintenance.

If you are open to exploring the value of VisualMesa solutions or wish to schedule a demo, then please contact us today.