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lng terminal
VisualMesa LNG Terminal

Natural Gas Liquefaction & LNG Terminals

Supply Chain Scheduling application supports the management of operations in a natural gas liquefaction plant and other LNG processes, from the detailed scheduling to execution.

Annual Delivery Program (ADP) Planning

Terminal & Pipeline Scheduling

LNG Planning & Scheduling Major Capabilities

  • Creating the Preliminary Annual Delivery Program
  • Assist the Annual Delivery Program Negotiations Process
  • Developing the Rolling Short-Term Specific Delivery Schedule (SDS)
  • Supports Lifting Processes Including Change Management
  • Nominations & Natural Gas / LNG Receipts
  • LNG Carrier and Dock-Jetty Scheduling
  • Pipeline Operations
  • Natural Gas Liquefaction Operations
    • Supply Scheduling: Pipeline or Gas Wells
    • Simulation of Raw Natural Gas Separation Plant
    • Simulation of Natural Gas Liquefaction, Storage Tanks & Boil-Off
    • Managing Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Inventory
    • Managing LNG Production & Inventory
  • LNG Regasification Operations
    • Simulation of LNG Regasification Plant
    • Modeling LNG Tank Boil Off Rate
    • Predicting Properties (i.e., WOBBE Index)
    • Modeling of Customer Contracts
    • Managing LNG Physical & Commercial Inventory and Send-Out
  • Movements in the Tank Yard
  • Terminal Operation
  • Product Shipments

Creation of Annual Delivery Program

Automation rules are provided to generate pipeline or gas well (LNG Carriers for Regasification) nominations in order to fulfill the feedstock replenishment and products lifting of a given production plan, inventory management and commercial rules for the terminal. For regasification terminals includes commercial rules such as lending, borrowing and inventory allocation.

To perform the nomination process of each product or feedstock material, the scheduling automation rules take into account the initial inventory, the production plan (for products) or the feed target plan (for feedstock) and the pipeline or gas wells (LNG Carriers for Regasification) forecasts for the nomination period. The nominated supplies are those defined in the supply forecasts or correspond to the default transport type. The nomination process can be driven by different logics such us the maintenance of a target inventory or as-soon-as possible operations.

Dock Scheduler Overview

Dock Scheduler supports the scheduling and simulation of load & unload operations in berths and jetties. The schedule can be managed by editing in a single-point, user-friendly table containing all the detailed operation information: Vessel estimated arrival times, Vessel data, Order data, Loading/unloading facilities (berths, jetties and tanks), Materials, quantities and rates.

Timing and allocated resources for the dock scheduling can also be edited through and interactive Gantt diagram allowing “drag and drop” edition: It is possible to manage multi-movement (sequential or simultaneous load/unload from/to different tanks) and multi-compartment vessel operations.

Assignment of Jetties / Berths

The assignment of scheduled LNG Carriers and other ships to jetties or berths is carried out by using an automated rule. This rule uses the laycan period (earliest estimated arrival time, latest estimated departure time) of each scheduled vessel to allocate the vessel on an appropriate dock resource in order to achieve a feasible schedule.

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LNG Supply Chain Solution
Gas Wells, Gas Plants, Liquefaction Plant, LNG Carriers, & LNG Regasification Terminals
Medium-Term Forecasting
Annual Delivery Programming
Off Take Co-Ordination
Short-Term Production Scheduling
LNG Carrier and Dock - Jetty Scheduling

Annual Delivery Program - Planning
Creating the ADP requires estimating a set of nominated feedstocks for product lifting satisfying annual delivery contracts & plant constraints.
The typical inputs are:
Forecasted NG or LNG receptions from sources
Product demand estimation and customer contracts
Production line capacities and yields
Product's storage capacity
Typical cargo sizes for each product/customer preference
The Output is:
The ADP - Feasible schedule of feedstocks thru distribution

Dock Scheduling Plugin
Integrated Dock and Terminal Logistics
Inbound and Outbound Traffic Management
Vessel Estimated Arrival Times
Automated Rule to Assign LNG Carriers, Vessels, Ships to Berth
Load & Unload Operations at Berths
Manage Materials, Quantities and Rates
Database of Owned and Leased Vessels

Powerful Scheduler Interface
Advanced Dynamic Graphical Environment
Schedule LNG Carrier into Berth with Gantt Chart
View Parcels in Pipeline with Process Graphic
Material Specifications & Components in Grid Table
Tank Volumes in Trend Chart

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