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VisualMesa Application Sustained ROI

Performance Coaching to Sustain ROI

Maximizing the ROI of the solution year after year.

After the project is commissioned and closed out, users and the company's support staff will be able to take care of routine maintenance and make changes to the site models. However, over time personnel change and best practices may not be followed. Many companies realize significant benefits by having the system experts confirm that that everything is working as it should and delivering maximum value and, if not, coach the company's team on what needs to be done and assist in a system tune up.

Sustained Performance Coaching

Sustained performance coaching ensures adoption and use of the application model. In addition, the coaching focus on making sure the company is accruing the maximum value of the application year after year. Coaching includes:

  • Discussion and answers to questions relating to design and implementation of the software site-specific model;
  • Supervision and validation of the company's modifications to the software site-specific model;
    • Model related services are provided remotely through a secure VPN;
  • Advice on how the company might modify, or implement new elements within, the software site-specific model;
  • Discussion and answers to questions regarding interpretation of the results produced by the software site-specific model;
  • Technical services regarding the specific model implemented at the site and users' questions specifically related to the site solution. A fixed number of working hours are included per year per site.
    • Typically, discussions, questions and answers are conducted via web conferencing;
    • Optional, prepaid, fixed number of on-site working hours can be included per year per site

High Performance Coaching

For top performance, coaching by an expert can uncover weaknesses and define ways of improving performance, which enhance the user's satisfaction and increases ROI.