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VisualMesa Petrochemical and Oil & Gas

Petrochemical and Oil & Gas

Planning, Scheduling & Operational Excellence

Reduce the Gap in Plan versus Actual

Reduce Energy Spend & Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Planning and scheduling in petrochemical and other processes can be much different than an oil refinery. Oil refineries operate mostly in a balanced supply and demand environment. Whereas, petrochemicals may fluctuate from a supply push to a demand pull through seasonal or yearly cycles.

Missing a delivery or being off-spec can result in significant penalties or losing a valuable customer. Rolling inventory and parked rail car inventory serving as safety stock by some of your sales staff create additional difficulties.

Advanced scheduling tools, can better manage production, lower risk of just-in-time manufacturing and reduce the amount of actual safety stock in the supply chain. This lowers manufacturing cost, cost of storage and demurrage on railcars.

For complex facilities, production-yield accounting system can help identify losses and produce reconciled data sets for more accurate planning and scheduling and in analyzing plan versus actual.

For facilities that produce large amounts of high pressure steam and consume large amounts of electric power, the Visual MESA energy management and optimization system can reduce energy spend by 3 to 6%.

For more information about VisualMesa Solutions for petrochemicals and other processes please contact us.

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