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  VisualMesa Production Accounting

Production, Yield Accounting - White Paper

Production Accounting & Data Reconciliation System

VisualMesa Production Accounting, formerly S-TMS Production and Yield Accounting, is an industry leading production / yield accounting and data reconciliation software solution used by many to refining and petrochemical companies worldwide. It is an operational tool that supports:

  • Pumpers as they log their activities and provides timely error detection when reporting movements and inventories;
  • Data preparation for data reconciliation analysis;
  • The common database for inventories & movements that are calculated, distributed, traced, stored and checked using a rigorous model of the entire plant or business unit;
  • Global and component mass balance reconciliation;
  • Gross error detection and mass loss detection analysis.
data reconciliation analysis

Why VisualMesa Production Accounting

VisualMesa Production Accounting supports the implementation of Production / Yield Accounting and Data Reconciliation Best Practices. It is an auditable environment for the Yield Accountant to work in. In order to achieve this it has a series of capabilities that sets it apart from the rest of the software packages in the market:

Soteica Platform

VisualMesa Production Accounting is part of the Soteica Platform which ensures integrity with future applications of Soteica or integrity now with our VisualMesa Supply Chain Scheduling System.

VisualMesa Production Accounting Software

Our software architecture ensures high adaptability, flexibility and integrity:

  • VisualMesa Production Accounting Software architecture, based on configurable Plug-ins, avoids the need for ad-hoc development.
  • VisualMesa Production Accounting has highly flexible exporting / importing capabilities.
  • VisualMesa Production Accounting has configurable data entry screens which are automatically generated upon model configuration.

VisualMesa Production Accounting Model

Some of our model capabilities:

  • VisualMesa Production Accounting stores the complete history of the configuration of the model. When the model changes, which is a normal situation in a plant because new meters, tanks, etc., are installed, the user can still return to the previous periods and recall the valid configurations at that moment.
  • VisualMesa Production Accounting Configuration module provides complete parametrization of the model as well as extending the objects.
  • VisualMesa Production Accounting calculates movement quantities and tolerances using all available data sources (source tank inventory differences, destination tank inventory differences, weigh scale data, meters data) and stores all of them simultaneously.
  • VisualMesa Production Accounting tracks material transfers and inventory reclassification (or regrading) even if they occur in the middle of the analysis period.
  • VisualMesa Production Accounting discounts the BSW in flow meter calculations as well as in tank calculations.
  • VisualMesa Production Accounting user permissions module allows to assign different access permissions for the system and for the model on a model and period status basis.

VisualMesa Production Accounting Reconciliation

VisualMesa Production Accounting reconciliation capabilities results in a much more precise location of gross errors.

VisualMesa Production Accounting Tasks

VisualMesa Production Accounting Tasks module schedules the execution of scripts at a given date and time (i.e.: run a report, a connector, create periods, run reconciliation, run database backups, etc).

Soteica Visual Mesa Technical Support

We supply practically immediate and effective assistance as a standard procedure by:

  • Implementing support team continuity, that is, our support staff responsible for post start-up or commissioning technical support will include the staff which implemented the solution and includes degreed Chemical Engineers
  • Covering both the use of the software and assistance in matters referring to the modeling of the plant.

VisualMesa Production Accounting Capabilities

VisualMesa Production Accounting is an application that allows to model inventories and material movements typical of the process industry providing:

VisualMesa Production Accounting Results Analyzer

Advanced dynamic graphical environment for gross error and reconciliation analysis.

model inventories and material movements

Gross Error Detection engine. Use of color coding to alert the user of errors as well as calculation status.The S-SOLVER is an embedded engine for the statistical errors minimization algorithm for mass balance reconciliation. Both the traditional gross error identificationBoth the traditional gross error identification method and the successive error identification and simultaneous compensation method are available.

VisualMesa Production Accounting MS Excel add-in

VisualMesa Production Accounting data retrieval into Excel spreadsheets.

VisualMesa Production Accounting Connectors

Information import and / or export from / to other systems (Historian, LIMS, ERP, In house systems) via ODBC, OLEDB, JDBC, XML files, XLS files or formatted text files. Extensible via plug-in development, fully data conversion and validation configuration. Web Services supported.

Historian, LIMS, ERP

VisualMesa Production Accounting Tracking Pack

Composition tracking module, tanks composition calculation.

  • Planning tracking module, "Planned vs. Real" comparison.
  • Pipeline tracking module, Pipeline parcel tracking.

VisualMesa Production Accounting Reports

Complete off-the-shelf set of standard reports. Report Designer, customization of existing reports and creation of new reports.

Historian, LIMS, ERPHistorian, LIMS, ERPHistorian, LIMS, ERP

Audit Module

Detailed tracking of entire life-cycle of measures, movements and flows, data integrity assured by variable dependencies and automatic re-calculation.


Inventories, flows and movement quantities calculations. Tracking of material changes in tanks (Reclassifications or Regradings). Automatic re-calculation based on dependencies to ensure data consistency.

Task Scheduler

Allows the scheduling of the execution of scripts at a given date and time (i.e.: run reports, connectors, create periods, run reconciliation, run database backups, etc).

Task Scheduler

Command Processor

Allows to execute a set of commands defined in a text file of predefined format. This is used to import measures, movements, flows or planning specification from a file.

Events Module

Allows to trigger automatic actions when a certain event or events occur.

Campaign Studies

VisualMesa Production Accounting allows a mass balance analysis around a process unit during a certain campaign or operation mode.



Focal Point of your Loss Reduction Initiative

Sitewide Mass balance, yield accounting and data reconciliation will enable you to:

  • Implement a Loss Reduction initiative at your site.
  • Acquire a better and detailed knowledge of plant and tank farm operations and movements.
  • Improve data quality and operating procedures.
  • Detect gross errors in early stages (data entry errors, instrument failure, missing movements).
  • Systematically analyze plant measurement errors and custody transfer points, which results in managing and sustaining a more focused instrumentation maintenance program.
  • Have better information for Planning and ERP systems.


  • Embedded engine for statistical errors minimization algorithm for mass balance reconciliation.
  • Traditional gross error identification method and successive error identification and simultaneous compensation method are both available.
  • If multiple gross errors are present in the data (most frequent case), the traditional gross error identification method will spread the error making it very difficult to detect its origin. The successive error identification and simultaneous compensation method results in a much more precise location of gross errors (leaks, instruments bias, etc).
  • Reconciliation can be run for just one period, for several individual periods at the same time or for periods of variable length.