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VisualMesa Production Yield Accounting Solution

Production Accounting

Benefit Areas (example)

Production Yield Accounting (Consistency for Cost & Yields)

Data Reconciliation (Enhanced Accuracy & Reliability)

Gross Error Detection (Prioritize Instrument Maintenance)

Loss (Leak) Analysis (Minimize Product Revenue Loss)

Mass and Fuel Balance (More Accurate View of Operations)

Actionable Results, such as:

  • Reduce Material Losses by $100s of Thousands
  • Reduce Plan vs. Scheduled vs. Actual Gap
  • Avoid Costly Transaction Errors
  • Minimize Environmental Incidents & Fines

Attractive ROI (typical payback 6 months to 1 year)

375,000 bpd Refinery Case Examples

  • 37,700 bpd FCC Product Mis-alignment, $506,800
    • Loss FCCU Capacity: 13 USD/bpd
    • Loss Refinery capacity: 1.34 USD/bpd
  • 42,770 bpd Deasphalting Unit with Faulty Meter, $1,631,247
    • Total Loss Deasphalting Unit: 38 USD/bpd
    • Total Loss Refinery: 4.32 USD/bpd

Industry Experience

  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Petrochemical Complexes

Representative Case Histories

  • Independent Belgian Refinery (Petroplus)
  • Ancap, La Teja Refinery
  • Jurong Aromatics Corp 
  • TPC Texas Petrochemical, butadiene, mixed C4s 
  • Pequiven Ana Maria Campos Petrochemical Complex 
    • 3.5 Million Metric Tons Yearly of olefins, resins, plastics, vinyls and nitrogenated fertilizers

Technology Advantage

JAVA Web-based with J2EE Plugin Architecture

Advanced Dynamic Graphical Environment

Robust Integration with Plant & Enterprise IT Systems

Non-Linear Optimization for Reconciliation of Components

Rapid Identification of Measurement Errors using Successive Error Identification & Simultaneous Compensation Methods

Easy to Use, Flexible Reports, Web View, Export to Excel


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Visual Mesa Production Accounting, formerly S-TMS Production and Yield Accounting, provides a complete state of the art solution for production accounting and data reconciliation which supports mass loss detection initiatives in complex industrial environments. It serves as a:

  • Productivity tool for the pumpers to log their activities while providing early error detection when reporting movements and inventories.
  • Data preparation tool for data reconciliation and analysis.
  • Central data repository where inventories and movements are calculated, distributed, traced, stored and checked using a rigorous model of the entire plant including tank farms or business unit.
  • Mass balance reconciliation tool, both global and by components.
  • Gross error and mass loss detection analysis tool.

VisualMesa Production Accounting supports the implementation of production / yield accounting and data reconciliation best practices. In addition, it provides an auditable work environment for the Yield Accountant.

Production Accounting & Data Reconciliation
• Integrated Sitewide, Water-Free, Mass Balance
• Gross Error Detection & Analysis
• Reconciliation by Global Mass Balance & Component
• Non-Linear Optimization for Components Reconciliation
• Mass Loss Detection & Analysis
• Graphical Analysis Tool: Fast Yield & Loss Reporting

Tank Farm Inventory Challenges
• Resolves Mismatch between Plant & Tank Farm Accounting
• Employs Component Reconciliation of Plant & Tankage
• Supervised Logging of Tank Movements
• Ensures Data Quality Validation
• Reliable Tank Data for Planning, Scheduling & ERP
• Provides Accurate Audit Trail

Measurement Errors & Maintenance
• Typical Instruments have an Accuracy Limit of 2%
• Instrument are Subject to Drift and Zero & Span Errors
• Tank Inventory Inferred from Level and Strapping Table
• Taking Advantage of Measurement Redundancy & Mass Balances, Identifies Costly Measurement Errors
• Helps Prioritize Instrument Maintenance

Powerful User Interface & Reporting
• Advanced Dynamic Graphical Environment
• Trend Charts for Rapid Visualization & Analysis
• Library of 40 Standard Reports + Custom Report Designer
• Composition, Planning & Multi-Product Pipeline Tracking
• Data Integration via OPC, ODBC & Web Services
• All Reports Accessible via Web Browser

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