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ANCAP, Business value of hydrocarbon production accounting

seven years of committed use of a refinery production yield accounting and mass balance system

Published in PTQ Q1 2015 103

ANCAP, Business value of hydrocarbon production accounting

Author: Luis Rodríguez, ANCAP

Production Accounting Case Study:
The gains that a refiner made by implementing an enterprise-wide hydrocarbon accounting system were both financial and cultural

This article describes seven years of committed use of a hydrocarbon yield accounting and mass balance system at ANCAP La Teja refinery's storage and distribution plants and the resulting improvements, site-wide integration, economic impact, cultural transformation and other major achievements

ANCAP over the years has learnt how to get the most out of such systems through the proper use of the information they generate. The lessons learned and how ANCAP has been able to get the entire organization - from the operators to the refinery manager - to use the system will be described. As a result of this work, significant savings have been experienced by the company as a whole


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