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VisualMesa Oil Refining

Petroleum Refining & Terminals Solution

Planning, Scheduling & Operational Excellence

Reduce the Gap in Plan versus Actual

Reduce Energy Spend & Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sales and operations planning, crude oil and fuels trading, transportation and logistics, refinery planning and scheduling, refinery operations, laboratory operations, maintenance and energy conservation are all focused on delivering finished products to customers at a profit. The refinery LP planning system is tasked with defining how the refinery will operate for the next month to meet the contractual commitments. However, the planning system only produces average guidance. There is not any assurance that the plan is even feasible.

The refinery schedulers, using their scheduling system, are tasked with developing an actionable, feasible plan of how to run the refinery on an hourly basis (or whatever time granularity as might be required) to satisfy the overall plan. Being able to simulate the operation across the planning horizon is essential for developing a feasible schedule that will minimize the difference between plan and actual.

Virtually everyday something changes that will affect the performance of the refinery. A crude ship might be late, process unit has a major upset dropping the production of a gasoline blend component, instrument errors, and the list just goes on and on. The schedulers stay very busy trying to rework a schedule that will meet all requirements.

The scheduler starts off each day with a new baseline that is yesterday's operation. If the goal is to minimize plan versus actual, the scheduler should start with reconciled dataset from the production (yield) accounting system. Accuracy, speed and ease of use are key elements in quickly arriving at a revised operating schedule.

Operations takes the new schedule and does their best to meet plan. However, while making the many operational changes there is little time to focus on minimizing the energy spend to accomplish the plan while at the same time minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. A real-time energy optimization system advises the operators on how best to run the utility system while minimizing emissions.

The VisualMesa systems provide visibility and clarity into the complexity of running a refinery. World class refineries use VisualMesa systems to help keep them in the top quartile on performance. Take some time to read through several of the many customer success stories and case studies published in journals or at tradeshows.

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