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VisualMesa software support and maintenance

Software Support and Maintenance

Maintaining the Value of your Software Investment

Soteica Visual Mesa and our global partners provide on-demand help desk support to respond and resolve critical and non-critical software errors; deliver periodic updates to enhance the software operating performance; as well as provide ongoing consultative services.

Software Help-Desk, Updates and Enhancement

Soteica begins delivery of its software maintenance services, designed to provide both updates and enhancements to the software. These services include:

  • Error correction and work-around solutions to correct or bypass defects or errors in the VisualMesa software;
  • Access to improvements or changes to the VisualMesa software designed to update operating performance;
  • Access to functionalities, functional attributes, or interface enhancements that did not previously exist in the initial VisualMesa software version;
  • Technical services regarding the use of the VisualMesa software and its enhancements and modifications.

Your VisaulMesa software support and maintenance (SSM) is fully explained in the product license agreement and the attached SSM agreement.


Tech Support and Continuous Improvement

Soteica Visual Mesa is constantly enhancing the functionality of our software with the aim of providing greater value to our community of users. We have a comprehensive testing process that identifies and corrects program anomalies. In spite of the testing some anomalies get through and are discovered by users. The user will contact tech support to report the software bug and our team will swing into action to replicate the problem and formulate a solution.